“White Spots” are undiscovered areas on each individual’s personal map of life. They’re not necessarily places you want to go, but can be any kind of dream that you wish to come true.

We all know how alive we feel when we are chasing one of these dreams. All of the sudden you have all the energy in the world and you feel that you can move a mountain. But sometimes, there are things that hold us back from daring to take the decision to finally go for it. Because sometimes dreams seem too big, too crazy, too scary, maybe even undoable or possibly even wrong from someone else’s point of view.

I am currently trying to conquer one of my biggest personal White Spots: to go on a long sailing trip. Many other people have inspired me and helped me find the guts to finally take the decision to chase this dream.

White Spot Pirates is a place for pirates like me that want to go and put their dreams into reality. Let’s share our experiences and inspire each other to get one step closer to living our dreams!


The first project presented by White Spot Pirates is the sailing documentary UNTIE THE LINES. It is a weekly video series about the attempt to refit a rather scrappy sailboat purchased in Panama with the aim to make it seaworthy again to go and sail the wold.

UNTIE THE LINES is the story about the ups and downs in buying, refitting, living and of course sailing (partly single handed) a sailboat. All of that on a rather small budget and with not a lot of previous knowledge but with heaps of enthusiasm and quite a bit of endurance.



White Spot Pirates is starting off with presenting the sailing documentary UNTIE THE LINES and for now, this task is keeping me more than busy. thanks for shoao offer the road bike,But for the future, I have the idea and hope, that there is a possibility to transform White Spot Pirates into something bigger: a movement with a platform featuring different White Spot Pirates, a place where people support each other to pursue their White Spots in life.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to develop this platform further, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to hear about your story or inspiration.

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woman snorking next to sailboat