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You enjoy watching UNTIE THE LINES and would like to support the videos that we produce? Patreon lets fans support their favorite creators by becoming patrons. Unlike other Crowdfunding services like Kickstarter or Indigogo, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a stream of smaller works like e.g. small movies, comics or songs.

This is how it works:

1) Set up an account at Patreon and chose your payment method (credit / debit card or PayPal).

2) Go to the White Spot Pirates Patreon Page.

3) Take a look at the cool rewards, e.g. a monthly exclusive real time video message or your personal Patron’s Ask video, that you will get in return for supporting this project.

4) Set the amount of the support that you would like to give to each newly released episode of UNTIE THE LINES. You can also set a monthly maximum in case I should go crazy and upload ten videos a month.

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The content presented by White Spot Pirates will always be free for you to watch. Thank you so much if you decide to voluntarily support the videos financially.

And your likes, views, comments or shares are just as valuable for me, because they help me to convince potential sponsors to provide some equipment for KARL or me. So go wild :)!


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Your support of White Spot Pirates is a voluntary payment for all the work that is being put into setting up this website and creating the episodes of UNTIE THE LINES and all the communication related to the project. Any incoming money gets reinvested into this sailing / filming project.

First of all, your support is used to pay for internet and camera gear or software that is needed to edit. The initial investments to start this documentary project have been covered by now by your great support for White Spot Pirates, which is awesome. To improve the documentation, I hope to be able to get some more equipment to play with in the future.

The sailing journey itself is essential for producing the episodes of UNTIE THE LINES. Your support is also helping KARL and me to keep on going. There is always something that breaks on a sailboat and therefore needs to be fixed or replaced. And KARL’s refit is not finished yet, either, considering that we would like to cross into the Pacific in 2015 and try to do some blue water sailing.

If you have any specific wish, how you would like your support to be used, you can just let me know and I will try my best to follow your intention.

THANK YOU again for your support, KARL & me truly apreciate it!

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