UNTIE THE LINES II #17 – San Andres Fish ‘n Friends

This week I have a San Andres video for you. San Andrés is a little Island off the coast of Nicaragua, but belongs to Colomobia. When I arrived in San Andrés, Matthieu was already waiting for me. He will be travelling with Karl and me for the next months until we reach Guatemala.

man and woman with palm trees in san andres

Matthieu needed a spear gun, so we headded to the Beuchat shop in the city. The guy that owns the shop, David, was really helpful and nice. We chatted a bit about the island and speer fishing options. Before we left, he invited us to come along with him and his friends on sunday. They were going to spearfish at the other side of the island at La Piscinita.

Oh, and I got some new flippers (harder ones so I can go faster) and some extra rubber for spare slings.

spear fishing equipment from beuchat

many man and one woman with spear guns in front of a beuchat van

Because David was so nice to invite us to come along for the spear fishing, we invited him and his wife and his friend for a dinner on Karl. It was quite the adventure, because Matthieu had to row over to the marina in 25-30 knots to get them with Karlitos. They took ages, the dink was full of water and aparently they nearly got tipped over…But they made it to the boat and back safely, and that’s all that counts.

sailor girl cooking fish in sailboat galley

five people on a sailboat in san andres

The island is not quite my cup of tea, lots of Colombian tourists come here from the mainland. It seems to be a bit what Mallorca is for Germany in the Med. I guess I prefer places a bit more quiet. Don’t get me wrong, the island is beautiful and there are some nice spots. But if I could go only either to one of the two Colombian Islands (Providencia & San Andres), I would defenitely chose Providencia.

beach with sunset on san andres island