UNTIE THE LINES II #11 – Fighting For Leaving

Sometimes everything seems to happen all at once and I find myself overwhelmed, feeling lonely and exhausted. But usually, in the end, there is a solution to most things…you just have to get up and fight for it!

But although I got Karl more or less shipshape again, time is running and the weather does not look to promising…it looks like Cuba might have to wait until after hurricane season. But more about that…next week 🙂

Special thanks to Lancing Marine who had sent me an instruction sheet how I can fix my seized water pump. I did not manage to do it…but the reason was, that I did not use enough force…I watched the guy from the shop do it though and for the next time, I am all set to do it on my own – awesome!!!

Enjoy, ahoy, thanks for watching and see you next week,
Nike & KARL