UNTIE THE LINES II #13 – Filming The Filming

A professional film maker on Karl

Patrice, who edits the episodes of UNTIE THE LINES is coming to visit Karl and me in the beautiful San Blas islands. He is planning to do a full documentary movie about Karl and my journey, so he came to do some professional filming. And of course I gave him a small introduction to boat and island life.

He also interviewed Cathy & Maria from Sail Joana about how they had met me and what they thought of me as a sailor. He was quite surprised when the three of us adamandly said that we never just take up the hook and go for a daysail to return to the same anchorage. “Why would one want to do that?” was our simultaneous reply. All the work to come back to the same spot? No way.

I did not give up quite yet

As you can see, I did not quite give up on my dream yet. And there was not much time to be down about my messed up sail to San Blas anyways, because I had a camera in my face for a whole week. And for a change, it was not my own camera…

Enjoy, ahoy, thanks for watching and see you next week,
Nike & KARL